Nuffnang - Vanish Power O2

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Iklan Vanish Power O2 baru jer melekat kat blog aku.  Terima kasih Nuffnang pihak pengiklan Vanish Power O2 yang sudi bekerjasama.

Trust Pink. Forget Stains.  Ia merupakan trademark Vanish Power O2.  Aku suka pakai Vanish nie kalau baju dah kotor sangat rendam jer dengan Vanish Power O2.....

Photo: Common stains, oil-based stains, dye stains… Just as there are many different kinds of stains, there are a variety of ways to use Vanish as well! Which is the one you use most frequently? Let us know in the comments below!

Ada contest di Vanish Power O2 yang sedang berlangsung sekarang.  Klik sini untuk join.

MP :  Thanks juga buat uolls yang rajin klik dan singgah kat blog aku.....


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