Friday, December 21, 2012

Motor Takaful

Ini ada contest dari Motor Takaful....
Jom join yeahh.....

We're baaaack. Yeah. And this time we wanna know all about you and your car. What's in your car; what's on your car; where you go with your car; and what you do when you get there.
Take a picture. Tell us a story. You could win great prizes. What are you waiting for?
This is a competition; so make your entry as creative as possible.

Once all the entries are in, they'll be judged by our 4 characters -
Stylo Joe, Sun Shade Soh, Cari Makan man and Ronda Ronda Rina -
as well as a public vote.

It's up to you to challenge your friends and rally support for your entry.
Terms & Conditions apply. Underwritten by Etiqa Takaful Berhad. Copyright © MotorTakaful 2012.

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